Annual Report


SESSION 2021-22

           A great saying goes so “Real education teaches you more than a job. It teaches you to live. It cannot be measured in any tangible way.” It is an enduring tradition to take time to pause, turn around to look at the fruitful year gone by, achieving both the expected and the unexpected while setting various milestones and then synergizing ourselves to move ahead to face the challenges in the coming year, with a positive attitude.

P.E.S Central School has been stepping from success to success all through the years since its humble beginning in 1979 and the past year has been no exception.

We have significant accomplishments in academic year 2021-2022. Under the motivating and proactive leadership of our Principal Mr. B.B.Pawar and our dear teachers with great pleasure, I Ratna Bose, Teacher of the school, present our Annual Report for the year 2021-2022.

Re-opening :- P.E.S.Central school saw its opening in the virtual mode for the academic year 2021-2022 on 5th  April 2021.

Online Study during Covid 19:

In this academic session, the school has primarily been working in an online mode in accordance with the Government Regulations. As a result, education has changed dramatically whereby teaching is being done through different digital platforms. At P.E.S teachers and students are regularly in contact through Zoom platform, Google Meet and Whatsapp. Regular online classes are being conducted.

Apart from this videos made by the teachers themselves are being sent to students who are unable to attend the classes.

Home work is being sent in the form of PDF’s.

Offline Class:

When the school reopened physically for a brief period, all precautions of sanitization, thermal checking, wearing of mark and Social distancing was maintained. Care was also taken to ensure that the staff were vaccinated well in advance school environment.

Academic Excellence:- “Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution.” Our students have shown an excellent performance in X board exam 2021.


Competitions and academic activities encourage and foster a healthy and competitive spirit. Our students participated not only in various virtual CBSE competitions but also in other competitions. Some of them are Essay writing, Handwriting, Story writing, Poetry recitation, Elocution competitions.

Reading day was made memorable when the students were asked to read their favorite book and write its feedback Value based education and life skills training is imparted so as to make the students morally and socially learned individuals.


Every activity in school life plays a significant role in a child’s development. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of school life as they help to enhance the learning process of the students. Through these activities we strive to bring in social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal in our students.

Some of these events are card making poster making, best out waste, singing competitions etc.


The school has always been keen in taking initiative to get the best in sports arena. As per CBSE guidelines Fit India school week was organized and all the students from classes 6th to 10th participated spontaneously in Yoga, Fitness Exercise, and Poster Making etc.


Periodic Tests (3), Mid-Term Exam, Annual Exam were conducted for the students and their progresses were informed frequently to the parents. Subject enrichment activity, portfolio, projects, mind map, concept map, art integration activity are done by the students and teachers evaluate these as the internal assessment.


A general body meeting of parents is held on a regular basis and new members of the PTA were nominated for the year 2020-21. Parents provide the Valuable feedback and suggestions to the teachers and teachers in turn provide them with academic work done and changes made in school for improvement. The PTA is a group of closely knit unit who work together for the betterment of the students. We thank and congratulate them for their continuous support and co-operation.


Every academic year training, seminars and orientation programmes are conducted for teachers and students to improve and implement innovative ideas in teaching learning practices as well as to take the students beyond their current level of learning. This year too teachers participated in all the mandatory training / webinar by C.B.S.E as well as from other publication houses in an online mode.

All the staff members attended a virtual orientation programme by C.B.S.E Chairman, Secretary and NCERT Chairman on Alternative Academic Calendar on 17th July.

All the members of staff attended an interactive session with Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Exams, CBSE, Delhi on 9th December. Online counselling for the students was also done.

(Regular staff meetings are conducted to evaluate our quality of performance and plan for the future with more innovative methods of teaching and learning programs.)


For the survival and sustenance of mankind environment should be preserved and that can be achieved if students love their environment and search for ways to preserve it. This year being at home, the students planted saplings in and around their houses. The school also has some other facilities like segregation and proper disposal of waste etc.


Although the pandemic has changed the very nature of all our celebrations, it has not lowered the spirit of celebration, it remain intact. We had virtual mode of celebration for all the occasions. Ambedkar Jayanti, Independence  Day , Teachers Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day,  Shahid Diwas were Celebrated in an online mode where students participated enthusiastically .

School’s foundation day, International Women’s Day, Earth Day, Hindi Diwas, International Yoga Day, Road safety day, Gurupurnima etc were also celebrated in the school.


Learning by doing is a great way to learn but this year the tours and trips had to be skipped due to the Covid -19 Pandemic.


I conclude by assuring that even though our students engaged themselves in various co-curricular and life skills activities, top priority is given to academic performance. As an eventful academic year comes a close, I express my profound gratitude to the P.E.S Management for their help and constant support, for the smooth functioning of the school. I take this opportunity to thank PTA members, all our esteemed Parents, our teaching and non-teaching staff and all our well-wishers for their continued help and support for making this year a memorable one. I hope that we will be able to cross many milestones and achieve greater success in the coming years too.

May God bless us all.

Thank you.